Pro Plus Racing Data

Pro Plus Racing Data

"What is the difference between Pro Plus Racing Data and free racing data which is available from the leading Horse Racing websites, such as the Racing Post, Sporting Life and many others?"

The answer is that Pro Plus Racing Data is the same racing data that is available on the leading racing websites, but it has been strictly analysed to filter out the races that do not match the high-quality standards required for the Pro UK Horse Racing Analyser.

Pro Plus Racing Data includes up to 10 of the most fitting Flat races and 10 of NH Jump races every racing day, which have the most prize money offered, has ten runners or less and have the longest race distances.

Once the best races are selected, the Pro Plus Racing Data analysis process looks at each of the runners in the races and identifies which races has the best horses running, based on various factors. The factors include their last position out, if they were the previous course and distance winners, how now many days since their last run, the horse's age, current horses weight, current official rating, last weight, last official rating, betting forecast, betting forecast position, horse's form for the last 6 outings, and the horse's going conditions for the last 6 outings to name but a few.

Pro Plus Racing Data includes all the above pre-analysed data from 40 pence per day, saving you many hours of research and data input every day and giving you a greater advantage, by getting your bets on earlier in the day when the odds are more favourable.

If you need proof on just how good the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser with a Pro Plus data feed really is, then we suggest that you download the Limited Edition, use it a few times then take out a monthly subscription, or buy the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser today by clicking on the 'Pricing > Contract Activation Keys' menu link above or here.

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