How to Make Money with Pro Plus Data

How to Make Money with the UK Horse Racing Analyser using a Pro + racing data subscription

How to make money using a Pro Plus Data Feed subscription

How to Make Money. This is the recommended method to ensure that the UK Horse Racing Analyser delivers the best races and horses to bet on using the UK Horse Racing Analyser Pro Edition with FREE Pro Plus racing data with up to 5800 different pieces of Flat and NH Jump racing data that’s delivered in seconds every day. An example of how well the data feed performs; when used at least five days a week for 5 minutes each race, then approximately *£5000 to £10000 profit can be made each month on average using £100 stakes per race depending upon individual betting strategies.

Please note: less days/more days, lower/higher stakes or more races are also possible, (*depending upon race conditions.)

Initial Setup
Download the UK Horse Racing Analyser Limited Edition
• Install the UK Horse Racing Analyser Limited Edition.
• Create a minimum of five to ten online betting accounts with the UK’s Top Ten major bookmakers ‐ Make sure you take up their FREE £25 bet offers for an extra free £250 to bet with, e.g. William Hill
• Purchase a UK Horse Racing Analyser Pro Edition Contract Term activation key or take a Pro + Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterley, Annual subscription from 40 pence a day.

Race Day
Click the ‘Pro +Data Feeds’ button then click the OK button when next asked to download the latest‘Pro +Data Feed’. If the Pro + data feeds are not yet available, then the program will ask you to try downloading the feed later.
Once you have successfully downloaded the latest data feed (takes less than a minute) then depending upon the type of racing you are analysing either click the ‘Restore – Flat Race Data’ or the ‘Restore – Jump Race Data’ buttons, this will load into the program all the available race and horse data sorted by race ratings.
• Disregard all red-rated races, due to the extra risks involved.
• Go to the website or the
• Update any changes to ‘going’ in race input but NOT ‘no. of runners’.
• Update any changes to ‘no. of runners’ in horse input by clearing any individual horses that have been withdrawn.
• Update any changes to ‘previous going’ in horse input screens, if the going has changed’.
• Update the horse ‘Betting Forecasts’ using the ‘Quick Change Betting Odds’ screen.
• Once you have all the best prices and a “bet” is showing on the ‘Dutching’ screen/main screen, make your bets as per the ‘Dutching’ screen information.
• An optional step is to print out the ‘Dutching’ information, and the horse screens for your records.

TIP: You should not increase the betting risks only to save time. It is also not recommended to use fewer races and horses with higher betting stakes. Although possible, this method is not advised.

If you need proof on just how good the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser with a Pro Plus data feed really is, then we suggest that you download the Limited Edition, use it a few times then take out a monthly subscription, or buy the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser today by clicking on the ‘Pricing > Contract Activation Keys’ menu link above or here.

Please visit our ‘Return on Investment‘ page, to find how good the UK Horse Racing Analyser Pro Plus Data feed is.


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