Horse Racing Results

Horse Racing Results with the UK Horse Racing Analyser Pro Edition

horse racing results - Horse Racing ResultsFrom May 2011 the UK Horse Racing Analyser Pro Edition has been used by us for nearly every potential winning horse race available, to analyse first the races suitability as potential candidates for betting on, and then each of the horses running.

On a daily basis, the UK Horse Racing Analyser first analysed the number of runners in the available races, then the distance and then the races prize money, to understand their overall quality. This is because a race with four runners, over a longer distance, with a high prize value, is a better choice than a race with ten runners, over a short distance with a little race prize value.

Once all the available races have been analysed and the least desirable red/orange dropped from the list, the UK Horse Racing Analyser then analysed the quality of the individual race runners, for the following factors: racecourse draw position, effect on the draw, last position out, previous course winner, previous distance winner, days last run, horses age, current horses weight, current official rating, last weight, last official rating, betting forecast, betting forecast position, horse's form in last 6 outings, horses going conditions in last 6 outings.

Once the relevant data was set for each horse within the UK Horse Racing Analyser for each race, the software displayed the most suitable and potential winners. Information was given: Total % Probability, Total Race Profit, COW% (Chance of Winning), Odds % Probability, Bookmaker's' Overround, calculated individual 'Dutching' bets, for each race to 'back' and highlighted those races that were not suitable to 'back' or to 'lay' with high accuracy.

The high-quality race and horse data used for all the bets during 2011 to 2013 was used from free Internet sources at no extra cost, which made sure that all the profits stayed at the maximum level at all times. The betting strategy used was based on the 'Reverse Labouchere' system, to also maximise winning sequences, and to minimise any losses.


If you need your own proof on just how good the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser really is, then we suggest that you download the Limited Edition, use it a few times then take out an annual subscription by clicking on the 'Upgrade Options > Activation Keys' menu link above or here.

Please visit our 'Return on Investment' page, to find how good the Pro UK Horse Racing Analyser is.

Pro Subscription Results: Since the release of the Pro Edition subscription edition of the UK Horse Racing Analyser on the 28th July 2013, for 14 days from the 15th July 2013 to 28th July 2013 we have tested the software, and after making a total of 165 (win only/no each-way) 'Dutching' bets using different bookmakers during the 21 days, with 107 winners, and 58 losers, we made a total tax FREE profit of £5156.36 which is an excellent return investment for a service that only costs from less than 20 pence a day.

Horse Racing Results

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