Getting Started and 5800 Technical Reasons

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Three Questions

1. We are always being asked the question "What do I need to do to be successful in a horse racing income business?" Each time we are asked about getting started, we always give the answer which is "you first need to have a Microsoft Windows computer, an Internet connection, the UK Horse Racing Analyser software, an online bookmakers account for UK horse racing, a business plan for horse racing and at least a £10 betting bank to start with as a bare minimum".

Once your betting bank profits are up to £1000 you will start to profit on average between £250 to £1000 per day, which is excellent for part-time hours. The Professional Plus UK Horse Racing Analyser Edition is now available which will allow you to analyse up to 10 Flat races or 10 NH Jump races, instead of either 1 Flat or 1 NH Jump race at a time, making the race day analysis work easier and quicker, also giving you an 90% greater potential winning ability.

2. The second most asked question after 'Getting Started' is "Why does the software not include a daily horse racing data feed?", and our answer is "we created the UK Horse Racing Analyser with just one thing in mind data QUALITY. from FREE Internet data readily available on the Internet for up to 5800 different pieces of important Flat and NH Jump racing data needed to find accurately the best races and horses to bet on with the absolute least risk of losing in seconds.

3. The third most asked question is "Isn't this gambling software?", And our answer is "we believe that gambling is what you do when you bet on something with high risk without having all the necessary facts. When you use the UK Horse Racing Analyser software to decide your chances with little risk, you will have all the relevant and right facts in front of you as shown below; this is why we say that using the UK Horse Racing Analyser software is not "gambling" but informed "investing". If on the other hand high risk "gambling" is your interest, then the UK Horse Racing Analyser is not for you.

5800 technical reasons why the UK Horse Racing Analyser works and is better than most other horse racing software

The Pro Edition analyses in each racing analysis session, 5800 different racing data factors for 10 Flat races with 100 horses and 10 National Hunt (NH) Jump races with 100 horses.

(There is no limit to many racing analysis sessions you can run every day.)

30 Racing data analysis factors

  • Racecourse.
  • Prize money.
  • Going condition.
  • Distance.
  • Number of runners.
  • Draw position. (Flat race only)
  • Effect on the draw (Flat race only)
  • Last position out.
  • Previous course winner.
  • Previous Distance winner.
  • Days last run.
  • Horses age.
  • Current horses weight.
  • Current official rating.
  • Last weight.
  • Last official rating.
  • Betting forecast.
  • Betting forecast position.
  • Horse's form for the last 6 outings
  • Horse's going conditions for the last 6 outings

3000 Flat race factors

10 horses x the above 30 race factors = 300 x the 10 races = 3000 different factors of flat race data to analyse in less than a second.

2800 NH Jump race factors

10 horses x the above 28 race factors = 280 x the 10 races = 2800 different factors of jump race data to analyse in less than a second.


If you need your own proof on just how good the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser really is, then we suggest that you download the Limited Edition, use it a few times then take out an annual subscription by clicking on the 'Upgrade Options > Activation Keys' menu link above or here.

Please visit our 'Return on Investment' page, to find how good the Pro UK Horse Racing Analyser is.

Getting started

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