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Here are just four of the many real customer testimonials for the UK Horse Racing Analyser Pro Edition

By handlep 25th October 2012

Don't hesitate!, 

I'll start by saying this, I am in no way a racing expert - in fact apart from the odd (usually failed) flutter on the national, I have no experience of Horse racing betting. I am writing this review mainly to help others in a similar position to me.

And its that point that made me look for a program to help me. Clearly its possible to make money at this, but I had no idea how to 'study form' etc. So having Googled, and looked through several programs, I opted for the UK Horse Racing Analyser (UKHRA), No issues there because its a 7 day guarantee.

So far, I have more wins than losses, and I have already learnt from a couple of mistakes, so I am confident my win:lose ratio will improve as time goes on.

UKHRA is a clever program, it doesn't just tell you the winner, it gives you 2 or 3 horses, and you bet on all of them. Whichever one wins, you profit, There's nothing better than watching 3 horses leaving the rest of the field standing, knowing that you win whichever of those 3 wins! This is apparently called Dutching (named after the chap who came up with the idea, Dutch Schultz).

One tip is, manage your betting bank sensibly - don't put all your eggs in one basket. Personally, I am now in the habit of not betting more than 20% of my bank on any one race, you might not make huge wins to start with, but it's safer.

Since installing the program, I have had a multitude of questions for the makers, and this was a test of how well they support their customers. No worries there! I have raised several support tickets, and sent several emails, and none of them took more than 30 minutes to be answered, with a sensible, helpful response, including on a Saturday, I also phoned once , and got to speak to a real human being straight off!

Finally you must understand that UKHRA is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You do need to do some work, probably about 20-30 minutes per race and to get rich you would need to be staking some pretty large sums. But what it is, is a good, solid money earner. I would thoroughly recommend UKHRA to anyone wanting to get into Horse Race Betting, I hope this helps someone make their decision.


By thewiz 2nd June 2012

You will get your money back and more

Sunday did 3 races and got 3 winners so pay for it. so go buy it you will get your money back and a lot more


By Dave (UK) 11th May 2012

It works like a dream

When looking for a horse racing computer program on the Internet, I needed to find something that would help me make money, not lose it (I can do that so easy by myself!),  which was very easy to use / understand, and delivered reliable results, without paying for extra gimmicks, like fancy graphs and horse racing systems from years ago. I also wanted some horse racing software that would not cost the earth month in, month out, year in, year out, for data feeds that can cost anything from £10 to £100 a month.

The UK Horse Racing Analyser covered all the above needs and I can safely say that it "works like a dream" every day I use it. The software does the business by delivering the best potential race winners when "backing", but lets me know which horses do not make the grade or probable losers which is also good for "laying" bets.

Most days i find that it gives me about 7 to 9 races from the cards, that have great potential to make money, giving me a return between £300 to £800 a day, not bad for a part time job!

My advice is to try it out, and see for yourself.


By Patrick 8th Oct 2013

My story and winning methods 

Before I was getting my self into sports betting I was playing roulette. Then I came in contact with horse racing and I tried another horse racing system which was not good, because I was always losing. I Googled and I came in contact with UKHRA. I decided to download the free version but when I opened it I had to put in the data manually which was not for me. I contacted their helpful support desk with some questions, and I got many replies from Julie in the beginning. I decided to buy the plus feed, I downloaded the pro data feed and then the first horse races.

I didn't understand how it worked and reading some info which is not for me. Then I tried to do the Dutch betting on paper trade first and I came to the conclusion that it can be profiting a lot but that it is also risky. What if the horses doesn't end in that place, then you lose a lot of money.

Then I did what I like to do most, try to find a way to win some money without a lot of risk. After looking through bookies the solution came from - who are not offering UK horse racing which is sad. But don't worry keep reading as I have a way to resolve this :-).  So like I said the winning solution came from There you can do a place bet on a horse that it will be finishing in the top 2 or top 3 of a race. So I was so thrilled that I had to test it, I changed the odds and the going and deleted the non runners. I was ready to win at horse racing.

But I was a bit disappointed. My first method was not working because the horse mostly finished outside the top 3 or top 2. After a while I was angry and decided to quit horse racing, then after a couple of days I suddenly woke up because I still knew there was a possibility of winning with horse riding and the UKHRA was the key for doing this. So in the middle of the night I put on my computer and opened UKHRA. I opened and looked over all the races, which gave me another idea.

The next day I believed I knew the way to win at horse racing. I opened the software and to get all the Pro + races, the usual procedure. I did a test on paper of all 6 races doing place bets, I won all of them, without a single loss. The problem was that I didn't know of any bookie that does place bets, so I went to bet365 who allows PLACE BETTING on some races but not all of them. So I did that and I won 3 races out of 6, so I was very happy that I could win with my method.

There is also another big feature in bet365, in that they allow COVER bets, a cover bet is a bet on a horse finishing in the top 2 or top 3 of a race. When your horse wins you win the odds that are with this bet, if your horse finishes within top 2 or top 3 you get a refund and if it finishes outside this top 2 or top 3 you have a loss. You see you can only win with this method, the higher your stake the more you win with little risk.

THE VERY IMPORTANT THING to win with this method using the UKHRA is:

Don't change the odds and the going. Leave them as they are and you will win all the time.

I do it and I win all the time with it!

By David 9th Feb 2015

Hey Datadean,

I am using your software on trial now, just wanted you to know that your product is just AMAZING!
I was able to guess 3 winners out of 8 bets (37.5%) and make a nice profit.

I am currently checking another program called "F o r m G e n i e" (subscription prices looks pretty much the same).
4 days of trial there and 4 days of straight losing.

Today, they were able to guess only 1 top winner out of your 8 Flat-races that were available for betting.

If you are curious, they were only able to guess 2 Top-winners out of 13 races (15%) today.

Soon my trial will end and I will happily make a subscription.

Everyone who doesn't believe me is welcome to check out the results on their own.

Thank you for putting this nice piece of software together, I am really grateful,

Thank you!


If you need your own proof on just how good the Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser really is, then we suggest that you download the Limited Edition, use it a few times then take out an annual subscription by clicking on the 'Upgrade Options > Activation Keys' menu link above or here.

Please visit our 'Return on Investment' page, to find how good the Pro UK Horse Racing Analyser is.

Customer Testimonials

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