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The Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser is designed to make you money

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Low-cost annual subscriptions

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Intelligent Racing Analysis

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Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser

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Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser

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No requirement for large PC based database installations

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No requirements for Excel or Openoffice software installations

Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser

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No spreadsheets to fill with 'screen scraped' data!

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Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser

Our technical support help-desk is ready and available to help you

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You will be able to make safe bets, with well-informed racing analysis information

Why not download and try the UK Horse Racing Analyser to see how you get on?

UK Horse Racing Analyser Horse Racing Software

Is the easiest and best professional horse racing software available today with a smart daily data feed, for complete racing data analysis to accurately find the best races and winners every day in just seconds. From the above menu, download the race horse analyser 'Limited Edition' for FREE - 215542 downloads since 20/03/2012

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Professional UK Horse Racing Analyser Program

The Microsoft Windows UK Horse Racing Analyser is the ultimate computerised horse racing software / horse racing program. The software accurately helps you to find winning races fast and to predict the winning outcome for both Flat and National Hunt (NH) Jump races. It does this by statistical data analysis of 5800 race/horse variables from 30 race/horse factors from FREE race and horse data, allocating unique handicap race and horse ratings.

Selections are displayed in just a few seconds with an excellent strike rate of Top-Rated races and horses, A betting system proven over many years and results published every day. So easy to use and yet impressive performance.

You can easily make a first or second income betting on horses like a real professional, with near 100% (96.1%) Place, Cover and Dutching strike rates and 39% strike rates backing the top rated horses, (season start and end periods are not included. Easy to use UK Horse Racing rating program that has made a profit each and every year since May 2011.

We have a strictly limited number of subscriber numbers to protect the betting odds to maximise your Place, Cover and Dutching returns. The data feed subscriptions are payable monthly by credit card, or PayPal.

Since May 2011 to date, the race horse analyser software has a near 100% success rate of selecting the best runners in each green ranked race. The main purpose for the UK Horse Racing Analyser is to help you to decide which bets have the best potential to win every time after analysis by the integrated 'Dutching/'Betting Calculator' software to maximise your winnings and lower your risk.

Benefits of using the UK Horse Racing Analyser software

  • You can make safe bets, with well informed racing analysis information;
  • Subscription based, with NO maintenance fees;
  • Lifetime software upgrades are included, available from the Free Software 'Downloads' button below;
  • Software can be installed on multiple computers;
  • No requirement for large database installations, so less disk space is needed;
  • No requirement for Excel or Open Office software installations.
  • No spreadsheets to fill with 'screen scraped' data to average only the OR TS and RPR ratings, as with other free tools.
  • UK Horse Racing Analyser technical support help-desk is available to help you;

UK Horse Racing Analyser Features

  • Easy to use as 1-2-3;
  • Subscription data feed or manual data input;
  • Uses all freely available Internet race meeting data;
  • Full help provided with software;
  • Change program appearance option;
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 - x86 and x64 CPU Architectures;
  • Ten Flat race / 100 horse analysis;
  • Ten NH Jump race / 100 horse analysis;
  • Daily Data backup and restore for Flat and NH race data;
  • Data print facility;
  • Full license holders have full access to the technical support help desk;

Why is UK Horse Racing Analyser software so outstanding?

  • The UK Horse Racing Analyser horse racing program is outstanding among others because it uses the most current data for its statistical data analysis;
  • The UK Horse Racing Analyser horse racing program determines the best races and horse to bet on, not out-of-date data from months or years ago;
  • The UK Horse Racing Analyser horse racing program has been designed and tested over many years, to help you pick race horse winners and to help you make money;
  • The UK Horse Racing Analyser does not give you fancy analysis graphs and predictions based on old data;
  • It does not include all the extras included in other horse racing analysis software to bump up the price, which really do not help with winner selection;

The UK Horse Racing Analyser's history

The UK Horse Racing Analyser started its software life during 1989 as a Microsoft DOS application. The program has continued to evolve and deliver, to remain an essential highly sophisticated professional race horse analyser data statistical analysis tool for the serious horse racing community.

Intelligently designed, the UK Horse Racing Analyser is a brilliant, and very easy to use horse racing program which accurately predicts UK Flat and Jump horse racing results utilising complicated algorithms, official ratings and a multitude of vital racing factors.

To make UK Horse Racing Analyser what it is today, an experienced team of horse racing experts, including horse trainers, jockeys and pro gamblers have all contributed to the design. They all helped to create a quality and fantastic accurate horse racing analysis prediction software which achieves brilliant winning results across all modes of UK horse racing.

You can find the best races, and horses through computerised analysis far more quickly, thoroughly and accurately than what is humanly possible, time after time.

Using cognitive and extensive knowledge systems to shape the brain of the UK Horse Racing Analyser. The program consistently provides the best profit and strike-rate available through statistical data analysis from any 'Horse Racing Software', 'Horse Racing Program', 'Race Horse Analyser', 'Betting Software' or 'Tipping Service' we know to be available in the gambling world today. editor team

If you're looking for a tool to help you predict the winners of the horse races in the United Kingdom, then UK Horse Racing Analyser is just what you need, this high-quality piece of software is a reliable solution that will significantly improve your odds of success. Horse Racing Software of note!

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